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Transformation is defined as...
a) A mutation of the DNA of an organism
b) The changing of a eukaryotic cell to a prokaryotic cell
c) The insertion of a chromosome into a plasmid
d) DNA from outside the cell being incorporated into a cell's genome

The purpose of gel electrophoresis is to...
a) Cut DNA into smaller segments
b) Remove DNA from a cell using the method of extraction
c) Separate different segments of DNA
d) Create a recombinant DNA structure for animals

Why do scientists use bacteria to produce human proteins?
a) Humans cannot make strong enough proteins
b) Bacteria can make proteins that humans use to create polymers
c) Bacterial DNA is better suited for creating human proteins
d) Bacteria can make large amounts of protein very quickly

The gene for resistance for Ampicillen is inserted into a bacterial cell. That bacteria is most likely to...
a) Be killed by the antibiotic Ampicillen
b) Have no reaction to the antibiotic Ampicillen
c) Produce Ampicillen faster than humans
d) Produce more Ampicillen than a regular bacterial cell

To clone an animal, what kind of cells are necessary?
a) Sperm and Egg cells
b) Body Cells
c) Egg and Body Cells
d) Sperm and Body Cells

You are a scientist looking at an electrophoresis gel. You notice that one segment of DNA moved farther than another. What can be said about the DNA that did not move as far?
a) It has less of an attraction to a positive charge
b) It is heavier than other segments of DNA
c) It is lighter than other segments of DNA
d) It has less of an attraction to a negative charge

An example of a genetic marker is....
a) An antibiotic resistant gene
b) The sticky end of a cut piece of DNA
c) A dyed nucleotide
d) A piece of transformed plasmid

Griffith gave killed deadly bacteria and live nondeadly bacteria to a mouse. The mouse died. This is an example of...
a) Transformation
b) Genetical Resistance Recombination
c) Electrophoresis
d) DNA extraction

One implication of transformation is....
a) Creating mass quantities of a pathogenic virus
b) Creating mass quantities of human insulin
c) Separating DNA segments using electric currents
d) Using pesticides on organic fruits and vegetables

The analysis of electrophoresis gels could allow scientists to.....
a) Detemine the dominance or recessiveness of a particular allele
b) Differentiate between hominids and sapiens of the homo genus.
c) Compare the genotypes of differing organisms
d) Identify similarities between genomes of different species

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