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Which of the followings is the correct order of the levels of organization (from smallest to largest)?
a) Bioshphere, biome, ecosystem, community, population, individual
b) Individual, population, ecosystem, community, biome, biosphere
c) Individual, population, community, ecosystem, biome, biosphere
d) population, individual, community, ecosystem, biome, biosphere

Which of the following is not an example of an abiotic factor?
a) Tree
b) Wind
c) Sand
d) Rain

Which of the following is correctly paired with the proper mode of nutrition?
a) Dandelion-Heterotroph
b) Human-Autotroph
c) Mushroom-Autotroph
d) Salmon-Heterotroph

What percentage of energy is transferred throughout each trophic level?
a) 5%
b) 10%
c) 15%
d) 20%

An ecosystem is made up of
a) People, trees, and animals
b) Only biotic factors
c) Buildings, planes, and cars
d) Biotic and abiotic features

A person who ate corn is considered?
a) Primary consumer
b) Secondary consumer
c) Tertiary consumer
d) Quaternary consumer

A person who drank the milk of a cow that eat grass is considered?
a) Primary consumer
b) Secondary consumer
c) Tertiary consumer
d) Quaternary consumer

A food web is
a) Starts off small in the middle and gets larger as you move out
b) Like a food pyramid but in the shape of a web
c) Food webs thats circle around each other but don't intersect
d) multiple food chains that interconnect

Which of the following does not explain a niche?
a) Where you live
b) What you eat
c) Where you vacation
d) When you reproduce

Which of the following is not correctly matched?
a) Heterotrophs-make their own food
b) Autotrophs-use the sun's energy to chemically make their own food
c) Decomposers-break down decaying material
d) Consumers- must ingest other organisms to obtain energy

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