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The general term used to describe what happens when two or more waves overlap in the same medium
a) sine wave
b) interference
c) resonance
d) acoustics

The study of sound wave technology
a) optics
b) acoustics
c) soundology
d) DJ

Which is not a way a technician can make a room sound less live?
a) hang drapes
b) lay carpet
c) use foam
d) put in hardwood floors

Where two waves of equal frequency overlap and are 180 degrees out of phase it is called
a) constructive interference
b) destructive interference
c) resonance
d) natural frequency

The amplitude is the height of the crest to the this
a) trough
b) wavelength
c) normal line
d) peak

A bridge can be destroyed if the wave vibrations match this.
a) natural frequency
b) constructive interference
c) destructive interference
d) amplitude

Each crest of a wave moves a horizontal distance of 50 cm in 5 seconds. What is the wave speed?
a) 250 cm/sec
b) 250 cm sec
c) 10 cm/sec
d) 0.1 cm/sec

This is the term applied to the increase in amplitude of vibration that occurs when an object is forced to vibrate at its natural frequency
a) interference
b) resonance
c) amplitude
d) natural frequency

The lowest points on a sine wave are called
a) crest
b) trough
c) amplitude
d) wavelength

The highest points on a sine wave are called
a) crest
b) trough
c) amplitude
d) wavelength

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