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Sight, sound, taste, smell and touch are all used to make ___________________ of the world around us.
a) hypothesis
b) laws
c) theories
d) observations

Identify the statement below that can be answered in a scientific way.
a) Apples are more delicious than pears.
b) Romaine lettuce is more nutritious than iceberg lettuce.
c) Diamonds are the most valuable substance on earth.
d) Snails are beautiful invertebrates.

How are theories developed?
a) by making observations with the 5 senses
b) through many consistent and supportable tests
c) through scientific predictions
d) by thinking of one scientific hypothesis

The variable that is manipulated by the scientist to determine its impact on another variable is called the
a) dependent variable
b) independent variable
c) control
d) constant

_____________________ data is made up of measurements (number data).
a) Quantitative
b) Subjective
c) Cohesive
d) Qualitative

___________________ graphs are a good way to illustrate the effects of one variable on another.
a) Bar
b) Chart
c) Pie
d) Line

___________________ are used to see very small objects, while ______________ are used to see distant objects.
a) Telescope; microscope
b) telescope; binoculars
c) Microscope; telescope
d) Microscope; caliper

_____________________ is the degree of closeness within a range of results.
a) Accuracy
b) Precision
c) Close to rightness
d) Correctness

The __________________ system is an agreed upon measurement system for scientists.
a) English
b) Metric
c) Anatomical
d) Biology

The most important safety rule is
a) follow all directions
b) do not eat in the lab
c) no horseplay
d) wear goggles at all times

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