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means to control and take care of something
a) manage
b) Commander in Chief
c) surrender
d) First Lady

The most important leader of the army
a) First Lady
b) Commander in Chief
c) surrender
d) manage

means to give up, stop fighting, and agree that your side has lost.
a) manage
b) boundaries
c) First Lady
d) surrender

The wife of the President of the United States
a) Commander in Chief
b) surrender
c) First Lady
d) boundaries

Lines around a city. state, or country. Rivers, oceans, and mountains
a) boundaries
b) surrender
c) Mount Vernon
d) Benjamin Banneker

George Washington’s home in Virginia
a) White House
b) boundaries
c) Mount Vernon
d) Pierre L’Enfant

Helped design the city Washington D.C.
a) Martha Washington
b) Pierre L’Enfant
c) Benjamin Banneker
d) Mount Vernon

Free African American who helped L’Enfant build Washington D.C.
a) Benjamin Banneker
b) George Washington
c) Pierre L’Enfant
d) Martha Washington

War that George Washington fought in
a) World War 1
b) World War 2
c) Civil War
d) American Revolution

The first capital of the United States was in...
a) Maryland
b) Virginia
c) New York
d) Ocean Township

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