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a community interacting with its environment through a one-way flow of energy and the cycling of materials
a) Ecosystem
b) niche
c) organism
d) biome

changes in the composition of species found in a community over time
a) biosphere
b) Ecological succession
c) evolution
d) growth

an ecological interaction between two organisms
a) niche
b) community
c) Symbiosis
d) popuplation

position that organism(s) occupy in a food web, which is defined by its relationship to the primary energy source
a) Trophic level
b) organism
c) niche
d) ecosystem

the ability of an ecosystem to return to a state of equilibrium following a disturbance
a) Ecosystem stability
b) community
c) succession
d) symbiosis

relationship between 2 organisms in which one kills and eats another organism
a) predation
b) mutualism
c) symbiosis
d) commensalism

relationship between 2 organisms in which one benefits and the other is neither hurt nor helped
a) commensalism
b) mutualism
c) predation
d) parasitsm

relationship in which both organisms benefit
a) commensalism
b) predation
c) mutualism
d) parasitims

relationship in which one organism benefits at expense (meaning harming) the other organism
a) parasitism
b) mutualism
c) predation
d) commensalism

which of the following is NOT recycled in the environment?
a) water
b) oxygen
c) nitrogen
d) energy

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