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harm or injure.
a) damage
b) dilapidated
c) turbulent
d) analyzing

a special awareness in a certain area.
a) sensibility
b) somberly
c) advocacy
d) cumbersome

control something and prevent others from using it.
a) monopolize
b) basking
c) pinnacle
d) gouges

large, heavy, and difficult to handle.
a) cumbersome
b) deflated
c) detect
d) fervor

moves in a busy, energetic way.
a) bustles
b) stammers
c) basking
d) mentor

necessary for life.
a) vital
b) enraptured
c) sleek
d) giddy

a strong feeling of fear and anxiety that makes a person act unreasonably or without thinking carefully.
a) panic
b) gleeful
c) bland
d) vital

a) loathe
b) compassionate
c) analyzing
d) monopolize

giving support to a person, idea, or cause.
a) advocacy
b) immaculate
c) enterprising
d) excursions

lonely and sad.
a) desolate
b) assuage
c) precious
d) damage

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