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organization of the different parts of something so that they work well together.
a) coordination
b) immaculate
c) compassionate
d) detect

dull and unexciting.
a) bland
b) pinnacle
c) mentor
d) excursions

studying something closely to figure out how it works or what it is made of.
a) analyzing
b) cumbersome
c) bustles
d) vital

the very top.
a) pinnacle
b) stammers
c) assuage
d) immaculate

a trusted person who gives helpful advice.
a) mentor
b) mistreated
c) damage
d) gouges

doing new and difficult things in order to achieve goals.
a) enterprising
b) desolate
c) advocacy
d) giddy

a) sleek
b) fervor
c) altruism
d) sensibility

short journeys or outings.
a) excursions
b) monopolize
c) vital
d) enraptured

great emotion and strong belief.
a) fervor
b) dilapidated
c) somberly
d) bustles

concern about others before worrying about oneself.
a) altruism
b) basking
c) analyzing
d) coordination

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