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Which most likely indicates formation of a precipitate during the reaction of two liquids?
a) the liquids changing colors
b) a solid appearing in the liquid
c) the temperature of the liquids changing
d) gas bubbles appearing in the liquid

When water boils, water vapor is produced and escapes into the air. Which best describes this change?
a) physical change
b) chemical change
c) melting
d) freezing

Which is represented when liquid water becomes a gas at 100°C?
a) solubility of water
b) chemical reactivity of water
c) boiling point of water
d) density of water

Which demonstrates a chemical change?
a) white sugar + clear acid = black solid
b) red food coloring + yellow food coloring = orange solution
c) water + blue food coloring = blue solution
d) water + salt = saline solution

Which occurs when a precipitate forms during a chemical reaction?
a) color change
b) temperature change
c) production of a solid
d) production of a gas

A marshmallow is made mostly of sugar and air. When heated in a microwave oven, a marshmallow increases in size to nearly twice its normal volume but does not produce any new subst
a) The heated air expands as a chemical change occurs.
b) The heated air expands as a physical change occurs.
c) The heated air expands as a chemical change occurs.
d) The heated air contracts as a physical change occurs.

Which best describes the type of change that occurs when liquid water freezes to become ice?
a) physical change in which the ice is more dense than the liquid water
b) chemical change in which the ice is less dense than the liquid water
c) chemical change in which the ice is more dense than the liquid water
d) physical change in which the ice is less dense than the liquid water

Liquids placed in a beaker will settle in specific layers. Which physical property of matter does this illustrate?
a) solubility
b) density
c) malleability
d) polarity

A sea creature releases a liquid into the ocean that reacts with the water to form a seashell. Which process does this represent?
a) freezing
b) precipitate formation
c) gas formation
d) change of state

Which best describes a substance that changes from a liquid to a solid?
a) The substance gains mass.
b) The substance undergoes a chemical change
c) The substance undergoes a physical change.
d) The substance gains volume.

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