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What are the reactants of photosynthesis
a) carbon dioxide and water
b) water and glucoes
c) carbon dioxide and oxygen
d) oxygen and glucose

In which cellular organelle does cellular respiration occur?
a) mitochondrion
b) chloroplast
c) endoplasmic reticulum
d) nucleus

At the beginning of cellular respiration, energy is stored in the bonds of __________ molecules. At the end of the cellular respiration process, energy is stored in the bonds of __
a) ATP, glucose
b) glucose, ATP
c) carbon dioxide, ATP
d) glucose, carbon dioxide

What are the reactants of cellular respiration?
a) carbon dioxide and water
b) water and oxygen
c) oxygen and glucose
d) oxygen and carbon dioxide

What are the products of photosynthesis?
a) water and oxygen
b) water and glucose
c) carbon dioxide and water
d) glucose and oxygen

How do cells get energy to perform their necessary functions?
a) only by taking in oxygen from the atmosphere
b) by moving water from one organelle to another
c) by dissolving waste products
d) by taking in nutrients from food

In which organelle does photosynthesis occur?
a) mitochondrion
b) endoplasmic reticulum
c) chloroplast
d) nucleus

What are the products of cellular respiration?
a) carbon dioxide, water and ATP
b) glucose, carbon dioxide, and oxygen
c) oxygen, ATP, and water
d) oxygen, glucose and water

What is the function of the stomata in plants
a) to transport materials from leaves to soil
b) to absorb light energy from the sun
c) to allow gas exchange between environment and leaves
d) to transport material from soil to leaves

process in which cells remove phosphate groups from molecules of ATP to form ADP and free energy?
a) photosynthesis
b) hydrolysis
c) cellular respiration
d) metabolism

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