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Traits being passed down from generation to generation is called:
a) heredity
b) chemistry
c) meiosis
d) mitosis

What is the difference in asexual and sexual reproduction?
a) asexual requires two parents, sexual requires one parent
b) there is no difference in asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction
c) asexual produces only one offspring, sexual can produce multiple offspring
d) only bacteria can reproduce asexually, everything else reproduces sexually

Anything that can change in an experiment is called a:
a) constant
b) variable
c) factor
d) control

In the molecule DNA what base pairs always go together?
a) A goes with C and T goes with G
b) R goes with S and Z goes with Y
c) C goes with T and A goes with G
d) A goes with T and C goes with G

Which of the following objects are used to measure mass?
a) graduated cylinder
b) beaker
c) triple beam balance
d) bunsen burner

What does a graduated cylinder measure?
a) volume
b) height
c) length
d) mass

Which is the closest measurement to how much your book bag might weigh?
a) 5 kg
b) 8 km
c) 7 ml
d) 6 m

A group of cells make up a/an:
a) tissue
b) organism
c) organ system
d) organ

What does a plant cell have that an animal cell does not?
a) mitochondria
b) golgi bodies
c) cell membrane
d) cell wall

The process by which human beings release energy in the form of CO2 and water is known as:
a) photosynthesis
b) plasmolysis
c) respiration
d) fermentation

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