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Which of these is an example of sexual reproduction?
a) F. Production of seeds in flowers
b) J. Budding in yeast
c) H. Fruiting in fungi
d) G. Vegetative propagation in leaves

Two new sea stars can be produced by dividing one sea star in half. Which type of reproduction is described?
a) A. Sexual
b) D. External
c) C. Asexual
d) B. Cloning

Which statement describes asexual and sexual reproduction?
a) A. Asexual is one part of sexual reproduction.
b) D. Sexual happens only in animals, and asexual happens only in plants.
c) C. Asexual needs one parent, and sexual needs two parents.
d) B. Sexual reproduction happens before asexual.

Which structure is the direct result of sexual reproduction?
a) A. Cone
b) D. Spore
c) C. Seed
d) B. Flower

Which food chain shows the organisms in order from producer to consumer?
a) A. Lettuce --------------------Bird --------------------Caterpillar
b) D. Bird------------------------ Lettuce-------------------- Caterpillar
c) C. Bird -----------------------Caterpillar-------------Lettuce
d) B. Lettuce --------------------Caterpillar------------Bird

Which adaptation helps the scarlet king snake survive in its environment?
a) A. It reproduces between 4 and 20 eggs.
b) D. It looks like the poisonous coral snake to confuse predators.
c) C. It can live in deserts, wetlands, and grasslands.
d) B. It usually grows to between 2 and 4 feet long.

Which two human body systems help with the breakdown of food and absorption of nutrients?
a) A. Circulatory and muscular
b) D. Reproductive and digestive
c) C. Muscular and reproductive
d) B. Digestive and circulatory

Some plants are able to reproduce _______ by sprouting new plants from their leaves, stems, or roots.
a) A. with seeds
b) B. with the help of flowers
c) C. with the help of insects
d) D. without seeds

Which of the following adaptations would be common to animals living in cold climates?
a) A. no fat
b) B. large ears
c) C. bright coloration
d) D. thick fur

Some kinds of lizards have developed green skin. These lizards probably live
a) A. on beaches.
b) B. in the ocean.
c) C. in deserts.
d) D. in trees.

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