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Consumers who feel their consumer rights have been violated have the right to...?
a) Take legal action.
b) Take matters into their own hands
c) refuse to pay for the good or service.
d) Demand that the government revoke the company's license.

In the U.S., government agencies protect consumers by...?
a) Establishing guidelines that protect public health and safety.
b) Approving all consumer contracts before they are effective.
c) Controlling the prices of goods and services.
d) Making sure no legal action can take place.

The right of private ownership is protected by...?
a) Negotiated contracts
b) 1st Amendment
c) Federal Reserve
d) Federal Trade Commission

Violations means to...
a) Go against agreements
b) Follow all agreements
c) Sue someone
d) Park in the wrong area

What are consumer rights?
a) The protection buyers have upon buying a product or service.
b) The protection buyers have when in a law suit.
c) House fire protection.
d) Customers are always right.

What is the definition of private ownership?
a) Something owned by individuals rather than the government.
b) Something owned by the government.
c) Allowing the government to take over.
d) Something that is owned by no one.

The FDA, NHTSA, and the CPSC are examples of...?
a) Government agencies
b) Committees in Congress
c) Businesses
d) Supreme Court Cases

Private property is protected by...?
a) Negotiated contracts
b) The Federal Reserve
c) Congress
d) The EPA

What can a consumer do when their rights have been violated?
a) Take legal action.
b) Write a letter to the government.
c) Do nothing.
d) Take away the business' license.

What is an agreement between two or more people called?
a) A contract
b) A promise
c) A secret
d) A discount

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