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A goal of the Federal Reserve System is to...?
a) maintain the value of the national currency.
b) set the tax rate.
c) keep inflation high.
d) give tax money to the government.

The central bank of the United States that acts as the federal government’s bank is the...?
a) Federal Reserve System (Fed)
b) Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
c) Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
d) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

One goal of the Federal Reserve is to...?
a) Ensure stability of the banking system.
b) Raises taxes.
c) Give tax money to the government.
d) Keep inflation high.

Inflation is...
a) When the costs of goods and services goes up faster than incomes go up.
b) When the costs of goods and services goes down.
c) Inflating a balloon.
d) The process how the government makes more money.

Deposits are...
a) Money put into the bank that can be accessed by checks and debit cards.
b) A group of minerals hiding out in caves.
c) Money taken out of a bank.
d) Government debt.

The American Government issues money to...?
a) allow the exchange of goods and services.
b) become a self-sufficient nation.
c) compete against the Chinese currency.
d) allow everyone to be equal.

Federal Reserve Notes are also known as...?
a) Currency
b) Coins
c) Checks
d) Debit Cards

Which of the following are NOT types of money used the U.S.?
a) Banks
b) Deposits in banks
c) Federal Reserve Note
d) Coins

The definition of money is...?
a) anything that is generally accepted as a method of payment.
b) anything that comes from trees.
c) things people use to pay for the government.
d) credit cards.

The U.S. currency is created by the...?
a) U.S. government
b) European Government
c) The Supreme Court
d) Stock Market

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