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When waves hit a boundary and reflect the angle of the incoming waves are called
a) reflected
b) refracted
c) incident
d) interferred

When a standing wave is produced, the part of the wave not moving is called the
a) antinode
b) node
c) crest
d) normal

When waves meet an open slit, some of the waves will do what as they pass through the slit
a) be reflected
b) be refracted
c) be diffracted
d) be undisturbed as they pass through

If a wave meets a boundary and continues into a more dense medium its path will bend
a) back into the less dense medium toward the normal
b) toward the normal in the more dense medium
c) away from the normal in the more dense medium
d) back into the less dense medium away from the normal

Waves traveling in the same medium will have the same speed, but if they have a short wavelength they will have what kind of frequency?
a) The same frequency as a long wavelength wave.
b) A high frequency
c) A low frequency
d) No frequency

When two waves on the same medium are traveling in opposite directions, when they meet they will follow what law?
a) Law of Interference
b) Law of Reflection
c) Law of Antinodes
d) Law of Superpositioning

The unit of the period of a wave is
a) Hertz
b) meters/second
c) seconds
d) cycles/second

If the speed of a wave is 0.3 m/s and its frequency is 1 Hertz, what is its wavelength?
a) 0.3 m
b) 1 m
c) 3.33 m
d) 1.3 m/s

Waves that have more energy will have larger
a) wavelengths
b) frequencies
c) periods
d) amplitudes

A wave has a frequency of 456 hertz. If it has a wavelength of 0.005m what is its velocity?
a) 91200 m/s
b) 2.28 m/s
c) 9E-7 m/s
d) 0.228 m/s

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