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Which treaty established the EEC?
a) Treaty of Versailles
b) Treaty of Rome
c) Treaty of Paris
d) Maastricht Treaty

Which treaty was signed on April 18, 1965?
a) Merger Treaty
b) Peace of Westphalia
c) Maastricht Treaty
d) Treaty Establishing the European Union

How many pillars comprised the European Union
a) Five
b) Three
c) Two
d) Four

What plan did the OEEC manage?
a) Molotov Plan
c) The five year plan
d) Marshall Plan

Which treaty was signed on March 25, 1957?
a) ECSC Treaty
b) EURATOM Treaty
c) Treaty of Paris
d) EC Treaty

What was the currency of the EEC (a part of the EMS) ?
a) The Franc
b) European Economic Currency
c) The European Currency Unit
d) The EURO

Which country applied after the restoration of it's democracy?
a) Greece
b) Turkey
c) Ireland
d) France

Who became president of the EEC in 1967?
a) Charles de Gaulle
b) Charles Pompidou
c) Winston Churchill
d) Joseph Stalin

According to Charles de Gaulle, which country was a U.S. 'Trojan Horse'?
a) Britain
b) Denmark
c) France
d) West Germany

What did the EURATOM do with surplus energy?
a) They sold it to non-member states
b) They invested it in renewables
c) They wasted it
d) Nothing

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