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Review For CE 13a.[print questions]

Which is not a way that the government promotes marketplace competition?
a) increase taxes
b) supporting new businesses
c) engage in global trade
d) enforce anti-trust laws

The acronym FCC refers to...
a) The Federal Communications Commission
b) The Federal Commerce Commission
c) The Federal Contract Committee
d) The Federal Crime Commission

The acronym FTC refers to...
a) The Federal Trade Commission
b) The Federal Tea Club
c) The Federal Turtle Council
d) The Federal Tree Committee

The acronym EPA represents the...
a) Environmental Protection Agency
b) Environmental Permission Agency
c) Energy and Petroleum Agency
d) Earth Protection Agency

The U.S. government encourages marketplace competition by...
a) Supporting new businesses
b) allowing monopolies
c) limiting global trade
d) protecting trusts

Radio and TV programs are controlled by what agency?
a) Federal Communications Commission
b) Federal Trade Commission
c) Environmental Protection Agency
d) Audience Protection Agency

A poster with 'Save our Planet' would most likely be associated with what agency?
a) EPA
b) FTC
c) FEA
d) NRA

The U.S. government promotes marketplace competition by...
a) enforcing anti-trust laws
b) promoting monopolies
c) banning new businesses
d) limiting global trade

A t-shirt tag indicates the shirt was made in China. This tag is required by law to protect consumers. What agency would enforce this law?
a) Federal Trade Commission
b) Environmental Protection Agency
c) Federal Communications Commission
d) Internal Revenue Service

What agency is meant to protect consumers and to ensure markets are running smoothly?
a) Federal Trade Commission
b) Environmental Protection Agency
c) Federal Bureau of Investigation
d) Central Intelligence Agency

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