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The unit used to measure the strength of a battery or electric current.
a) conductor
b) circuit
c) volt
d) battery

A device used to open and close a circuit.
a) switch
b) battery
c) conductor
d) volt

A material that allows electric current to flow through it.
a) insulator
b) volt
c) battery
d) conductor

A material that does not allow electric current to flow through it.
a) insulator
b) volt
c) battery
d) conductor

A liquid that contains dissolved solid materials.
a) insulator
b) switch
c) solution
d) volt

Electric current can flow only through a circuit that is __________.
a) open
b) diagrammed
c) closed
d) positive

On a circuit diagram, a long line and a short line side-by-side are the symbol for a __________.
a) switch
b) fuse
c) bulb
d) battery

Which of the following is not an example of static electricity?
a) a light bulb going out when you switch it off
b) lightning
c) your finger getting a shock when you touch a door knob
d) a cat's fur sparking when you stroke it

The points where electric current leaves and enters a battery are __________.
a) resistors
b) fuses
c) switches
d) terminals

Many wires are covered with rubber or plastic because these materials are __________.
a) good conductors
b) pretty
c) good insulators
d) negatively charged

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