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Most earthquakes in the United States happen in Alaska, Oregon, Washington, and ___________.
a) Calfornia
b) Georgia
c) Alabama
d) Mississippi

The place where the slipping begins is called the earthquake's ______________.
a) focus
b) lifeline
c) fault
d) epicenter

When layers of rock that are stuck together suddenly __________, an earthquake occurs.
a) slip
b) stick
c) rise
d) fall

An ___________________ is a sudden movement of Earth's crust.
a) earthquake
b) tornado
c) hurricane
d) volcano

The rocks on both sides of a fault are ______________ and ___________ by forces in the crust.
a) pushed; pulled
b) pushed; crushed
c) smashed; crushed
d) slammed; jammed

_______________ is the point on Earth's suface directly above the focus of an earthquake.
a) epicenter
b) hott spot
c) focus
d) core

Most earthquakes occur at depts of less than _________ km.
a) 80
b) 30
c) 70
d) 90

People first feel the groud shaking at the ______________ of the quake.
a) epicenter
b) lava
c) hot spot
d) focus

___________________ happen along the boundaries of tectonic plates because the pressure from the movement ofthe plates pushes on nearby faults.
a) earthquakes
b) twisters
c) volcanoes
d) tornadoes

Earthquake can occur as deep as __________ km.
a) 644
b) 500
c) 433
d) 244

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