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Which of these areas did the industrial revolution NOT spur reforms in?
a) Slavery
b) Women's Rights
c) African-American's Right to Vote
d) Prison System

What is the purpose of a union?
a) To strike against factory owners
b) For workers to join together in a common cause
c) Where the factors of production are owned privately
d) Where the factors of production are owned by the government

Which of the following is NOT one of Adam Smith's laws of economics?
a) Law of Self-Interest
b) Law of Competition
c) Law of Equality
d) Law of Supply and Demand

Which is NOT a long-term effect of the Industrial Revolution?
a) Working conditions got worse
b) Standard of Living went up
c) Suburbs grew as people used trains to move farther from cities
d) People's diets improved

Which of these groups WAS part of the new middle class?
a) Small Farmers
b) Skilled Workers
c) Unskilled Workers
d) Women Factory Workers

Which BEST describes urbanization?
a) City building and people moving to cities for factory jobs
b) Keith Urban getting more fans
c) People moving further from cities for farm jobs
d) Cities rising in population

What was the first area of serious industrialization in Britain and America?
a) Textiles
b) Farming
c) Railroads
d) Processed Food

Which is NOT a factor of production?
a) Land
b) Labor
c) Capital
d) Textiles

Which of these factors of production was helped by Britain's agricultural revolution?
a) Land
b) Labor
c) Capital
d) Textiles

Who said that population will always be greater than the food supply?
a) Smith
b) Malthus
c) Ricardo
d) Marx

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