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The Magna Carta contributed to Great Britain's development of
a) absolute monarchy
b) ethnic rivalries
c) parliamentary democracy
d) imperialist policies

Which factor contributed to the decline in the power of the European nobles in the late Middle Ages?
a) decreasing importance of towns and cities
b) collapse of international trade
c) rise of nation-states
d) increase in the influence of serfs

During the early Middle Ages, western European societies were most influenced by
a) national monarchies
b) the Roman Catholic Church
c) elected parliaments
d) the Byzantine emperors

One result of the Crusades was an increase in trade between the Middle East and
a) East Asia
b) Africa
c) North America
d) Europe

Many achievements of Islamic civilization reached European society by way of the
a) Crusades and eastern Mediterranean trading networks
b) merchant guilds and the Industrial Revolution
c) Middle Passage and the Columbian Exchange
d) conquests of the Germanic tribes and trade along the Silk Road

In western Europe, the Middle Ages began after the collapse of which empire
a) Mughal
b) Roman
c) Ottoman
d) Byzantine

Which practice in medieval Europe was most similar to a Japanese warrior's code of Bushido?
a) indulgences
b) serfdom
c) chivalry
d) tribute

What is a primary characteristic of a feudal society?
a) a representative government
b) economic equality for all
c) protection of individual rightsq
d) an exchange of land for services

The bubonic plague affected economic development in medieval times by
a) encouraging the introduction of new types of crops
b) causing production to decline and prices to rise
c) sparking the ideas of socialism and reform
d) destroying the guild system

Which action is linked to the spread of the Black Death to Europe during the 14th century?
a) trade with Asia
b) conquest of Japan
c) trade across the Sahara
d) exploration of the Western Hemisphere

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