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How are the gills of a fish like the human lungs?
a) Gills allow fish to pull the oxygen out of water.
b) Gills are identical to lungs.
c) Gills are not like lungs at all.
d) Coach Champagne has a secret set of gills behind his spleen.

What are the functions of the skeletal system?
a) stores fat and other nutrients
b) keeps body temperature stable
c) communicates with the rest of the body
d) gives structure and support, allows for movement, and produces blood cells

Which of the following are examples of hinge joints?
a) Shoulder and legs
b) elbows and knees
c) ankles and wrists
d) neck and head

What two organs make up the Central Nervous System?
a) The liver and gall bladder
b) The skin and fingernails
c) The brain and spinal cord
d) The tarsals and metatarsals

In the digestive system, carbohydrates are broken into what?
a) amino acids
b) hydrocarbons
c) monounsaturated fats
d) glucose (sugar)

The skeletal system performs the same function as which cell part?
a) cell wall
b) mitochondria
c) nucleus
d) there is not a similar organelle to the skeletal system.

What is the function of the Endocrine system?
a) Growth and development
b) filtering the blood
c) supplying oxygen
d) removing carbon dioxide

Which answer best describes a chemical reaction?
a) ice melts to become water
b) wood is chopped into smaller pieces
c) one or more new substances are created
d) cars crash into one another

What is Coach Champagne's favorite color?
a) blue
b) maroon
c) green
d) purple

Which describes chemical changes in your body?
a) Your body removes waste
b) nutrients are pulled from your food in your small intestine
c) your skin sheds excess cells
d) you get a hair cut

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