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How do the Japanese feed their people with such little good farmland?
a) Many of the Japanese people starve every year.
b) The Japanese depend on fishing and imported food.
c) The Japanese sell oil to earn money to buy food from other countries.
d) Tourists coming to see Japanese volcanoes provide most of the money the country needs.

Which Asian country could be described as an autocracy?
a) India
b) Japan
c) South Korea
d) North Korea

Which Asian countries have a democratic system of government?
a) India and Japan
b) China and Vietnam
c) China and South Korea
d) North Korea and China

Which best describes the Japanese government?
a) theocracy
b) monarchy
c) federal democracy
d) constitutional monarchy

What sort of government is the People's Republic of China?
a) a monarchy
b) a federal democracy
c) a communist oligarchy
d) a constitutional monarchy

What role do the people play in the government of Japan?
a) The people have ultimate power through elections.
b) They have the power to vote the emperor out of office.
c) The people get to approve the laws made by the emperor.
d) They have little influence since the emperor makes most decisions.

What group makes most of the important decisions in the government of the People's Republic of China today?
a) the wealthy landowners
b) advisers and Mao Zedong
c) the Chinese Communist Party
d) people in the local village councils

The Great Leap Foward and the Cultural Revolution were examples of China's attempt to
a) end communist rule.
b) improve the economy.
c) sell more goods overseas.
d) control population growth.

In the 1970s, China tried to improve the country's economy by announcing which of the following programs?
a) the Cultural Revolution
b) the Great Leap Forward
c) the Four Modernizations
d) the People's Economic Congress

Which area was targeted for improvement by India's Green Revolution?
a) education
b) air quality
c) agriculture
d) iron and steel manufacturing

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