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How could a hospital best handle a case of a person infected with an antibiotic-resistant disease?
a) isolate the person
b) move the person to intensive care
c) give the person more antibiotics
d) send the person home

Which is the easiest way for a person to prevent microbial infections?
a) Avoid contact with animals.
b) Wash hands frequently with hot water and soap.
c) Sterilize everything in the home.
d) Isolate themselves at home.

A doctor prescribed an antibiotic to treat an illness. Which type of illness did the doctor most likely treat?
a) cancer
b) bacterial infection
c) viral infection
d) heart disease

Which best describes how athlete’s foot is spread to other individuals?
a) inhaling fungal spores in the air
b) swimming in a lake that has a large amount of algae
c) having contact with fungus on a shower floor
d) eating food contaminated with fungus

Which human disease is caused by a parasitic infection?
a) cancer
b) African sleeping sickness
c) athlete’s foot
d) influenza

Which is true about viruses?
a) Each virus has its own seasonal activity.
b) Each virus is transmitted through poor sanitation.
c) Each virus has its own shape and structure.
d) Each virus is transmitted through the air.

An amoeba frequently causes an infection in hikers who drink untreated water. Which precaution should hikers take while hiking?
a) taste test the water before drinking
b) check the color of the water before drinking
c) check the pH of the water before drinking
d) filter or boil the water before drinking

Sherie is allergic to several types of fungi. Which treatment will be most useful in her home?
a) water and natural soap that clean, but do not kill organisms
b) special wipes that kill 99% of viruses
c) ammonia to kill many types of bacteria
d) chlorine bleach to kill many types of mold

How does the reproductive potential of bacteria affect illnesses caused by bacteria?
a) long generation time results in many bacteria
b) short generation time results in only a few bacteria
c) long generation time results in only a few bacteria
d) short generation time results in many bacteria

Bacterial infections are treated with antibiotics, while viral infections can be prevented through use of vaccines.
a) True
b) --
c) --
d) False

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