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What are Carlos's favorite foods?
a) BBQ chicken and cheese fries
b) soup and salad from Olive Garden
c) grilled cheese and tomato soup
d) bacon and ice cream

What does Ruben want to be when he grows up?
a) Barber
b) Lawyer
c) Teacher
d) WWE wrestler

Which cartoon character does Kayla like the best?
a) Hello Kitty
b) Papa Smurf
c) Scarlett from GI JOE
d) Rowley

Who does Nick say is his favorite classmate?
a) Megan, because she is the quietest.
b) Megan, because she laughs a lot.
c) Austin, because he is never here.
d) Jovanni, because he is only here for a short time.

What does Tyler like to do the most?
a) play video games
b) read AR books
c) do math homework
d) do spelling and phonics

What is Jeremias's sister's name?
a) Jennymias
b) Genesis
c) Sarah
d) Alena

Which team does Jacob NOT like?
a) Cleveland Browns
b) Pittsburgh Steelers
c) Miami Heat
d) New York Yankees

What is Megan's dog's name?
a) peanut
b) hot dog
c) spot
d) fido

What kind of candy does Mrs. H like the best?
a) white chocolate reese's cups
b) dark chocolate twix
c) dark chocolate snickers
d) dark choclate with almonds

What is Mr. K's favorite food?
a) king crab legs with melted butter
b) mushroom pizza
c) green peppers and onions
d) butternut squash soup

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