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How has the Indian practice of cremating their dead on the banks of the Ganges River and development of more industry been a problem for people using the river?
a) People are not allowed to go near the river when creamtions are taking place.
b) The banks along the river regularly catch fire and threaten Indian homes buit there.
c) Factorhy owners cannot use water once human ashes have been thrown into it upstream.
d) The ashes of the dead, and partially burnt bodies, float down the river, along with industrial waste

What is the source of the air apollution that causes problems in India's urban areas?
a) Few people in India feel pollution is a problem.
b) No government efforts have been made to control air pollution.
c) There really is no effective way to control air pollution in the world today.
d) It is due to rapidly growing population, heavy industry and thousands of cars.

When Beijing, China was awarded the 2008 Olympics, what environmental issue was a big concern for many of the athletes?
a) the city's terrible air pollution
b) heavy seasonal rains that come to China in the summer
c) temperatures would be too hot in the summer in China
d) lack of fresh drinking water was the main concern before the games

What generalization can be made about the climate and geography of Southern and Eastern Asia?
a) Most of this area is covered with desert and has very few people.
b) This large area has many different types of both climate and geography.
c) Eastern Asia has fewer mountains and therefore has a milder climate than Southeastern Asia.
d) The climate of Southern Asia is cold and dry because of the large numbner of mountains and deserts.

What is the name of the Hindu sacred text?
a) the Vedas
b) the Qur'an
c) the Middle Way
d) the Four Noble Truths

Where was the religion of Buddhim founded?
a) India
b) Japan
c) China
d) Vietnam

In which country did Shintoism begin?
a) India
b) Japan
c) China
d) Vietnam

What is the caste system?
a) the name of the Hindu priesthood
b) a voting system used in Asian elections
c) the name for the way labor in India is divided between men and women
d) the division of all the people in a society into categories that are hereditary

What did Confucius believe were the keys to social order and peace?
a) strict caste system
b) worship of one god
c) good behavior and virtue
d) ruler who could keep order

What country has a federal system of government?
a) Japan
b) India
c) North Korea
d) People's Republic of China

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