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The male reproductive part of a flower is called
a) roots
b) stamen
c) leaves
d) stem

The female reproductive organ in flowers in called
a) stamen
b) leaves
c) pistil
d) roots

The green material in plants that is need for photosynthesis
a) chlorophyll
b) roots
c) stem
d) leaves

The process in which plants make their own food
a) Mc Donalds
b) growing
c) photosynthesis
d) springtime

Parts of organisms are called
a) plastic
b) jelly
c) structures
d) the clouds

An organism is
a) a pot of soup
b) all living things
c) life on mars
d) rocks

The structure where plants make their food
a) roots
b) leaves
c) stem
d) seeds

My main job is to support the leaves and to transport materials between the roots and leaves
a) stem
b) roots
c) flowers
d) bud

I anchor or hold the plant firmly in the soil and carry water and dissolved minerals upward.
a) leaves
b) stem
c) roots
d) bud

What is the yellow powder in flowers that is produced by the stamen and is the male sex cell
a) pollen
b) dust
c) sand
d) leaves

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