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When Iron is combined with Oxygen _________________ is formed.
a) metal
b) rust
c) carbon dioxide
d) tyler's socks

_________________ retain the properties of the substances that make them up.
a) mixtures
b) compounds
c) elements
d) atoms

__________________ is a change of matter that results in a new substance that is different from the original substances.
a) A chemical change
b) A physical change
c) A mixture
d) Alena's shoes

A ________________ is formed when the atoms of two or more elements combine.
a) compound
b) mixture
c) element
d) red turtle shell

Adding heat to a marshmallow will produce ____________ and ____________.
a) carbon and water vapor
b) nitrogen and sulfur
c) oxygen and gold
d) Ruben's cast

The compound is often the name of the _______________ plus a modified form of the second elements name.
a) first element
b) third element
c) city where it was invented
d) color that it is

A ________________ shows which elements have combined to form that particular compound.
a) chemical formula
b) chemical recipe
c) chemical anagram
d) a squirrel's house

_________________ let you know the number of atoms that have combined.
a) subscripts
b) element numbers
c) oxidases
d) Romans

You can check ________________ properties like density, freezing, melting, and boiling points and color.
a) physical
b) chemical
c) social
d) real estate

You can check _______________ properties. For example the color the atoms give off when they are reacting. Certain compounds give off certain colors.
a) chemical
b) physical
c) social
d) real estate

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