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Under the Home Tab in which group can you find the New Slide command
a) Slides
b) Font
c) Editing
d) Drawing

What's shortcut key can you use to save a document?
a) Ctrl+F
b) Ctrl+Shift+S
c) Alt+S
d) Ctrl+S

Under which tab can you find the Timing group?
a) Animations
b) Slide Show
c) Review
d) View

Under which tab do you access Power Point options?
a) Transitions
b) Review
c) File
d) Slideshow

Under which tab can you change the layout of a slide?
a) File
b) Slide Show
c) Home
d) View

What's the default slide orientation?
a) Horizontal
b) Portrait
c) Narrow
d) Landscape

How do you add a comment?
a) Review Tab > New Comment
b) Review Tab > Comments Group > New Comment
c) Review Tab > Corrections Group > Comment
d) Review Tab > Add Comment

Under which tab can you change the Page Setup?
a) Insert
b) Transitions
c) Slide Show
d) Design

In which group can you insert a header?
a) Slide Show
b) Insert
c) Home
d) Text

How do you insert a Screenshot?
a) Slide Show tab Illustrations group Shot
b) Insert tab Images group Screenshot Command
c) Insert tab Illustrations group Screenshot Command
d) Insert tab Pictures command

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