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Who were the scientist(s) who built a 3-D model?
a) Avery and Griffith
b) Chargaff and Franklin
c) Hershey and Chase
d) Watson and Crick

What is the role of the enzyme DNA helicase?
a) To unzip DNA by breaking the hydrogen bonds between the hydrogen bases during replication.
b) To line up new base pairs during replication.
c) To proofread and correct any errors during replication.
d) To translate the DNA code into messenger-RNA

What happens during transcription?
a) t-RNA deliers amino acids at the ribosome
b) A protein is made in the nucleus
c) m-RNA Is made from DNA in the nucleus
d) r-RNA helps make a protein

How many nitrogen bases are found in m-RNA?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

A substitution of one nucleotide is called a
a) deletion
b) frameshift mutation
c) insertion
d) point mutation

Which scientists conducted DNA X-ray diffraction which showed the helical shape?
a) Avery and Griffith
b) Chargaff and Franklin
c) Hershey and Chase
d) Watson and Crick

Where does translation take place in a cell?
a) cytoplasm
b) nucleus
c) mitochondria
d) ribosome

What is the m-RNA codon for the following DNA strand: GAG TAC CTA

What occurs during DNA replication?
a) m-RNA is formed from DNA
b) t-RNA brings amino acids to the ribosome
c) DNA unzips and makes an exact copy prior to cell division
d) a protein is formed in the nucleus

What are the parts of a nucleotide?
a) amino acid, sugar, nitrogen base
b) nitrogen base, phosphate, sugar
c) nitrogen base, protein, sugar
d) phosphate group, protein, sugar

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