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Which best describes the religion of those who call themselves Arabs?
a) All Arabs are Sunni Muslims.
b) Most Arabs are either Muslims or Jews.
c) The majority of Arabs are Shia Muslims.
d) Most are Muslim though there are also many Christians and those of other faiths.

Which are connected by the Suez Canal?
a) the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea
b) the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea
c) the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea
d) the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian Gulf

Whichi is TRUE of the difference between an ethnic group and a religious group?
a) An ethnic group can have members of different races, but a religious group cannot.
b) Members of a religion worship the same god;members of an ethnic group may not
c) Members of religions may have different beliefs;ethnic group members have the same beliefs
d) Ethnic group-common race,culture, NOT religion;Religious groups-common race,culture,religion

Which person is a common figure in the origins of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam?
a) Jesus
b) Abraham
c) Confucius
d) Muhammed

Saudi Arabia specializes in the production of
a) oil and gas.
b) oil and sugar.
c) olive and orange.
d) beef and chicken

The economies of Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Iran could best be described as
a) mixed.
b) market.
c) command.
d) traditional.

What is the definition of a
a) A government that sees God as the supreme ruler
b) A government that allows the people to choose the leaders
c) A system in which religious law and civil law are separate
d) A system in which only religious leades are allowed to vote

What is an Ayatollah?
a) a Christian priest
b) a Shia religious leader
c) the title of a local governor
d) a leader of a Jewish congregation

What role do the people play in a government that is a monarchy such as Saudi Arabia?
a) They have the power to vote a ruler out of office.
b) The people get to approve the laws made by the ruler.
c) They have little influence, as the ruler makes most decisions.
d) They are guaranteed certain rights by their written constitution.

The Israeli parliament is called the
a) Senate.
b) Knesset.
c) Congress.
d) House of Representatives.

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