7th Science-Ocean Currents And Climate Question Preview (ID: 14219)

Answer These Questions To Review Ocean Currents And Climate.[print questions]

Which of the following are the two types of ocean currents?
a) Surface and deep
b) Deep and deeper
c) Surface and Continental
d) Continental and Maritime

What is not a factor influencing surface ocean currents
a) Changes in salinity
b) Coriolis Effect
c) Continental Deflection
d) Global winds

Which term describes the movement of winds due to the rotation of the Earth?
a) Coriolis Effect
b) Continental Deflection
c) Surface Winds
d) Weather Fronts

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Coriolis Effect results in currents moving
a) clockwise
b) counter-clockwise
c) both clockwise and counter-clockwise
d) it has no impact.

Deep ocean currents are caused by which of the following?
a) Changes in temperature
b) Continental Deflection
c) Surface Winds
d) Coriolis Effect

Areas that are near oceans have
a) more moderate temperatures.
b) more extreme temperatures.
c) very cold temperatures.
d) very hot temperatures.

Which of the following is not a cause of deep ocean currents?
a) Coriolis Effect
b) Changes in Temperature
c) Changes in Salinity
d) Changes in Density

Warm areas of ocean water will cause _________ in the land area near it.
a) the air to be warm.
b) the air to be cold.
c) no impact
d) the air to be cooler

Which term means that an air mass is formed over the ocean?
a) maritime
b) continental
c) oceanic
d) Coriolis

A large stream of moving water that flows through the oceans is called
a) currents.
b) tsunami.
c) tide.
d) waves.

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