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A tectonic plate is a slab of Earth’s
a) Asthenosphere
b) Lithosphere
c) Outer Core
d) Inner Core

The thin rigid layer that forms the outermost part of the lithosphere is called Earth’s
a) Inner Core
b) Outer Core
c) Crust
d) Mantle

When volcanoes form in the middle of a plate, instead of a plate boundary, scientist can predict that those volcanoes are over:
a) Subduction Zone
b) Massive holes in the mantle
c) Hot Spot
d) Cold spot

How do plates move over time?
a) Volcanoes and earthquakes cause plates to move
b) Convection currents in the asthenosphere cause lithospheric plates to move
c) Convection currents in the Earth's core cause plate in the mantle to move
d) Radiation from the center of the Earth heats the plates

The asthenosphere is contained in which layer of the Earth?
a) Crust
b) Outer Core
c) Mantle
d) Inner Core

Which kind of boundary describes plates moving away from one another?
a) Collision
b) Divergent
c) Transform
d) Subduction

Most earthquakes and volcanoes occur in areas of the Pacific Ocean called "The Ring of Fire." Scientists agree that the reason for this is because
a) plate boundaries are located in those areas.
b) that part of Earth is hotter than all other parts of Earth.
c) a large number of people live in these areas.
d) the ocean weighs so much that it forces magma up.

The volcanic island chain of Indonesia was created at a _________________________.
a) collision boundary
b) divergent boundary
c) transform boundary
d) subduction boundary

One of the 8th graders told you that the volcanoes in Hawaii happen because it's hot in Hawaii. Is the 8th grader correct?
a) Yes
b) No; they occur because their are divergent boundaries located near Hawaii
c) No; Hawaii is actually cold so that doesn't make sense
d) No; volcanoes only occur near the ocean which is why there are volcanoes near Hawaii

Which of the following pieces of evidence does NOT support the theory of plate tectonics?
a) The continents look like they fit together like a puzzle
b) Mountain ranges match where continental crust was once connected
c) Some plates have both continental and oceanic crust
d) Fossils of the Mesosaurus can be found on separate continents

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