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All of the following are major causes of water pollution in the Ganges River EXCEPT:
a) pollution from factories entering the water
b) human waste flowing into the river
c) fertilizers from farms flowing into the river
d) exhaust from cars in Calcutta and Shanghai

Which of these is an environmental problem that has been caused by deforestation in Africa?
a) lack of warm weather
b) lack of fertile soil
c) lack of fresh water
d) lack of clean air

What do the Arabs and the Swahili have in common?
a) Most members practice Islam.
b) Most members live in sub-Saharan Africa.
c) Most members speak English.
d) Most members have the same political leaders.

What did the nationalist movements in Nigeria and South Africa have in common?
a) Both remained colonies of European powers.
b) Both defeated Great Britain militarily.
c) Both acheived independence without war.
d) Apartheid was established in both countries.

Which form of government includes a system in which the president is constitutionally independent of the legislature?
a) absolute monarchy
b) constitutional monarchy
c) parliamentary democracy
d) presidential democracy

Due to its absolute monarchy, which Middle Eastern nation would have the least amount of voting rights and personal freedoms for its citizens?
a) The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
b) The Islamic Republic of Iran
c) The Republic of Turkey
d) The State of Israel

Japan has an emperor whose powers are limited by a written constitution. Japan has a(n):
a) constitutional monarchy
b) absolute monarchy
c) elective monarchy
d) federal monarchy

Which of these conflicts is NOT a reason why South Sudan declared independence from Sudan?
a) There are differences between the ethnic and religious groups of the North and the South.
b) The South has more oil and water resources.
c) The South refused to join the revolution against the Egyptian government.
d) The individuals in the North dominated the government.

Nigeria makes almost all of its money from the sale of oil. This is an example of:
a) specialization
b) a trade barrier
c) a quota
d) currency exchange

Money that is borrowed from a bank is called:
a) investing
b) income
c) credit
d) saving

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