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Which of the following shows a member of a religious group?
a) Akeem is an Arab.
b) Indira is a Hindu.
c) Nelson is a Bantu.
d) Mustafa is a Kurd.

How has the lack of safe drinking water affected development in sub-Saharan Africa?
a) It has encouraged foreigners to compete for influence on the continent.
b) It has slowed down economic growth.
c) It has persuaded Africans to the North where there is more water.
d) It has led to an increase in the importance of natural resources.

Due to desertification in Africa:
a) higher populations of Africans are moving to the Sahara
b) grassland regions are decreasing
c) the Sahara gets smaller each year
d) the tropical rainforests are disappearing

What was one negative impact of the European partitioning of Africa?
a) the construction of new hospitals
b) the independence of African countries
c) the wars between Africans that used to be friendly
d) the construction of the Suez Canal

Reaching the objectives of the Pan-African movement will be difficult due to:
a) cultural differences between ethnic groups in Africa
b) the reduction in HIV/AIDS cases in sub-Saharan Africa
c) nationalist movements in northern Africa
d) the European domiance of the continent

Although the State of Israel has a president, the head of government is the:
a) vice-president
b) prime minister
c) King
d) chancellor

Why is India considered a republic?
a) The citizens elect leaders to represent them.
b) The legislature has only one chamber.
c) The citizens are not allowed to vote for the president.
d) The leader of the country is a king.

As a parliamentary democracy, how is the president of South Africa elected?
a) The president is elected by the Cabinet.
b) The national legislature elects the president.
c) The president is appointed by the prime minister.
d) All citizens vote for the president.

How does education in Kenya compare to education in Sudan?
a) Females have less access to education in Kenya than in Sudan.
b) Females in Kenya have the same access to education as males in Sudan.
c) Females have the same access to education in Kenya as in Sudan.
d) Females have less access to education in Sudan than in Kenya.

The best description of the economies of Israel and Turkey is:
a) businesses controlled by religious leaders
b) their economies are based on customs and beliefs
c) mainly government-owned businesses
d) a mixture of private and government-owned businesses

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