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The author concludes this passage with
a) a suggestion of what will happen next
b) an unexpected turn of events
c) a question that is left unanswered
d) a summary of the important ideas

This passage is considered autobiographical because the author
a) provides an account of his own experiences
b) includes a story within a story
c) expresses a theme that is universal
d) tells the story from first-person point of view

Which phrase BEST describes the change that takes place in the narrators feelings toward his son?
a) from impatience to understanding
b) from disappointment to pride
c) from suspicion to acceptance
d) from confusion to amusement

In both stories contained within this passage, family conflict is resolved when
a) an adult becomes sensitive to a child's needs.
b) an adult seeks advice outside the family.
c) a child learns to think independently.
d) a child apologizes to an adult for a mistake.

The author is drawn into Robbies feelings through
a) a flashback
b) a foreshadowed event
c) a stereotype
d) an extended metaphor

What figurative device is used in this line, Grandma was walking around the room like a queen?
a) simile
b) metaphor
c) personification
d) hyperbole

Which is an external conflict?
a) Robbie is mad with his father.
b) Robbie slams the door of his room.
c) Robbie ran upstairs because he was upset.
d) Robbie drew a messy picture of a weird looking creature.

Which best describes the narrator?
a) thoughtful
b) stern
c) strict
d) indifferent

What type of character is the narrator?
a) dynamic
b) static
c) flat
d) round

What point of view does Allan share in the story?
a) experiences teach valuable life lessons
b) people should set goals and try to reach them
c) lessons in life should remain in the past
d) difficult moments will lower your expectations

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