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According to the selection, what is the reason that the military decided to test the use of bicycles?
a) They wondered if bicycles could replace horses
b) There were more bicycles than horses
c) Bicycles were faster in snow than horses
d) Bicycles could carry more supplies than horses

Which sentence best explains why the Black Bicycle Corps rode only in the morning, late in the day or at night?
a) Daytime temperatures reached 100 degrees
b) Bicycles were heavily loaded down with rations
c) Soldiers could study the nighttime sky
d) Bumpy ties made for rough riding

Based on the information in the selection, why were the soldiers in the Black Bicycle Corps treated like heroes when they reached St. Louis?
a) They completed a difficult 2000 mile trip in less than six weeks
b) They made bicycle riding even more popular than it was previously
c) They proved that horses could be replaced in the military
d) They helped bicycle manufacturers build better bicycles

What is the purpose of the map?
a) To help readers understand the distance the soldiers traveled
b) To help readers understand the Black Bicycle Corps trails
c) To help readers understand the mountain ranges in the U.S.
d) To help readers understand the different regions of the U.S.

What is most likely the authors purpose for writing this selection?
a) to describe the journey made by the Black Bicycle Corps
b) to inform the reader about road conditions in the late 1800s
c) to entertain the reader with a story about the military
d) to persuade readers to ride bicycles instead of horses

When I started taking sewing lessons I felt ignorant, but by the end of one month I had learned many skills. What does ignorant mean as it is used in the sentence?
a) without knowledge or education
b) without guilt or blame
c) without caution or care
d) without patience or calmness

What information would you find on a timeline about the Lewis and Clark expedition to the Pacific Ocean?
a) The date Lewis and Clark completed their journey
b) The places where Lewis and Clark were born
c) An entry from Lewis and Clarks journal
d) A list of Lewis and Clarks supplies

The United States was not integrated until the 1940s. What is the meaning of integrated as it is used in the passage?
a) united
b) separated
c) detached
d) isolated

Why did the Black Bicycle Corps ride bicycles for almost two thousand miles?
a) The soldiers were testing the use of bicycles by the military
b) The soldiers wanted to prove their strength to the military
c) The soldiers were testing their ability to ride bicycles
d) The soldiers wanted to show their ability to overcome the road conditions

What are two differences the author shows between horses and bicycles?
a) Bicycles were cheaper and didn't have to be fed
b) Horses had to be fed and were cheaper
c) Bicycles didn't have to be fed, but they cost more
d) Horses ran away but they didn't make a mess

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