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the difference in potential eneryg between tow ends of a circuit
a) voltage
b) charge
c) circuit
d) resistance

a type of circuit with more than one pathway for current electricity to follow
a) parallel
b) series
c) resistance
d) electromagnetic

a break in any part of this type of circuit will stop the current electricity from flowing at all
a) series
b) parallel
c) generator
d) voltage

a measure of how difficult it is for current electricity to flow
a) resistance
b) circuit
c) charge
d) voltage

an element tht is not ferromagnetic is
a) lithium
b) cobalt
c) nickel
d) iron

a machine that produces electricity from moving parts
a) generator
b) resistance
c) charge
d) electromagnet

a buildup of nonflowing electical charge on an object
a) static electricity
b) static discharge
c) parallel circuit
d) current electricity

increasing the current flowing through this device makes it stronger
a) electromagnet
b) electromagnetism
c) current electricity
d) conductor

a continuous flow of an electric charge
a) current electricity
b) conductor
c) electromagnetism
d) electromagnet

this describes how electricity and magnetism are related
a) electromagnetism
b) electromagnet
c) current electricity
d) conductor

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