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Pressure is the force per unit
a) Volume
b) Depth
c) Length
d) Surface Area

The SI unit of force is the
a) Torr
b) Newton
c) Pound
d) Pascal

If force is held constant as surface area decreases, pressure
a) remains constant
b) increases or decreases, depending on the volume change
c) increases
d) decreases

What instrument measures atmospheric pressure?
a) Manometer
b) Barometer
c) Torrometer
d) Vacuum Pump

A pressure of 745 mm Hg equals
a) 745 torr
b) 745 pascal
c) 1 pascal
d) 1 torr

Who developed the concept that the total pressure of a mixture of gases is the sum of their partial pressures?
a) Charles
b) Dalton
c) Kelvin
d) Boyle

A mixture of four gases exerts a total pressure of 860 mm Hg. Gases A and B each exert 220 mm Hg. Gas C exerts 110 mm Hg. What pressure is exerted by gas D?
a) 165 mm Hg
b) 220 mm Hg
c) 860 mm Hg
d) 310 mm Hg

The volume of a gas is 400.0 mL when the pressure is 1.00 atm. At the same temperature, what is the pressure at which the volume of the gas is 2.0 L?
a) 0.5 atm
b) 800 atm
c) 0.20 atm
d) 5.0 atm

The volume of a gas is 5.0 L when the temperature is 5.0 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is increased to 10.0 degrees Celsius without changing the pressure, what is the new V?
a) 2.5 L
b) 5.1 L
c) 10.0 L
d) 4.8 L

Why does the air pressure inside the tires of a car increase when the car is driven?
a) Some of the air has leaked out.
b) The air particles inside the tire increase their speed because their temperature rises.
c) The atmosphere compresses the tire.
d) The air particles collide with the tire after the car is in motion.

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