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Why did the United Nations form a coalition to stop Iraq from taking over Kuwait in 1990?
a) The United Nations wanted to completely destroy the country of Iraq.
b) The only job of the United Nations is military action around the world.
c) The economies of many countries depend on oil and Iraq's actions threatened that supply.
d) `The United Nations has to intervent whenever any member nation has a conflict with another country.

What led the United States to bomb and invade the country of Afghanistan in 2001?
a) Afghanistan invaded the country of Kuwait and threatened the United States' oil supply.
b) Nations asked the US to overthrow the Taliban government of Afghanistan.
c) The US was afraid that Afghanistan was working to develop nuclear weapons and they wanted to stop it
d) The US believed Afghanistan's government was offering safety to Al-Qaeda members

Why did the United States go to war against Iraq in 2003?
a) Iraq was threatening Afghanistan with nuclear weapons.
b) The United Nations believed Iraq was about to invade Kuwait a second time.
c) Iraqi troops launched an attack on Saudi Arabia, a close ally of the United States.
d) The US believed Iraq was developing nuclear weapons and offering aid to Al-Qaeda

What is one of the reasons Iraqis had difficulty forming a new government after the fall of Saddam Hussein?
a) Most Iraqis wanted Saddam Hussein to stay in power.
b) Iraq is a poor country because they have no oil reserves.
c) There are many religious and ethnic groups in Iraq who want power.
d) The Iraqis have not tried to form a government of their own.

Why is the Suez Canal so important to international shipping?
a) The Suez Canal is the only way for ships to get out of the Persian Gulf.
b) The Suez Canal is Iraq's only waterway leading into the Persian Gulf.
c) It makes it possible to get from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea without sailing around Africa.
d) It connects the Jordan River to the Persian Gulf,making it less expensive to ship oil

Which two bodies of water are connected by the Strait of Hormuz?
a) the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea
b) the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea
c) the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea
d) the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian Gulf

What two countries border the Gaza Strip?
a) Iraq and Jordan
b) Israel and Egypt
c) Lebanon and Syria
d) Israel and the West Bank

Why are technologies like desalinization and drip irrigation not more widely used to reduce water shortages in SW Asia?
a) The technologies are too expensive.
b) Drip irrigation is not very effective in a hot, dry climate.
c) Most countries do not know about these technologies.
d) Few countries in SW Asia have access to seawater.

Many of the largest cities in SW Asia are located on or near _______?
a) deserts
b) major rivers
c) large grasslands
d) mountain ranges

Which best describes the climate of much of Southwest Asia?
a) hot and dry
b) windy and cold
c) tropical and rainy
d) moderate and cool

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