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The following is NOT a comparison operator:
a) equal to
b) less than
c) greater than
d) greater than or equal to

In an _____ criterion, each individual criterion must be true in order for the compound criterion to be true.
a) AND
b) OR
c) either AND or OR
d) neither AND or OR

When you sort data,
a) duplicates are normally included
b) duplicates are not normally included
c) duplicates are deleted
d) none of these

To eliminate duplicates change the Unique Values property from
a) No to Yes
b) Yes to No
c) True to False
d) False to True

Access will draw a line, called a ____ line, between matching fields in the two tables indicating that they are related.
a) join
b) connect
c) match
d) relate

A field that can be computed from another field is called a ____ field.
a) calculated
b) mathematical
c) numerical
d) addition

An ___ function performs some mathematical function against a group of records.
a) aggregate
b) calculated
c) addition
d) relational

____ means creating groups of records that share some common characteristic.
a) Grouping
b) Crosstab
c) Joining
d) Sorting

____ queries are useful for summarizing data.
a) Crosstab
b) Grouped
c) Sorted
d) Calculated

____ indicate which records appear in a join.
a) Join properties
b) Connect properties
c) Grouped properties
d) Crosstab properties

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