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A file name can have a maximum of 255 characters, including spaces. The only characters NOT allowed are the ____.
a) all of these
b) backslash, slash and colon
c) less than symbol, greater than symbol, and vertical bar
d) asterisk, question mark, and quotation mark

The ____ button on the Home tab is the only command that clears both the cell entry and the cell formatting.
a) clear
b) erase
c) redo
d) delete

Which is the correct way to identify a cell?
a) A1
b) 1-A
c) A-1
d) 1A

What effect does the Accounting Number format have on the selected cells?
a) causes cells with two decimal places to align vertically correctly
b) performs tax calculations
c) copies the numbers of one cell to another
d) converts alphabetic characters to numbers

In Excel, a number can contain the characters _____.
a) all of these
b) 0123456789
c) .$%Ee
d) +-(),/

Saving the workbook frequently is important for the following reason:
a) if you lose power, the worksheet could be lost
b) it is not necessary to save frequently
c) so you have a lot of copies of the same file
d) because the workbook loses date the longer it sits

When a cell entry is positioned at the far left in the cell, it is considered _____.
a) left-aligned
b) left- and right-aligned
c) center-aligned
d) right-aligned

When the text is longer than the width of a column, Excel ____.
a) will display overflow characters in adjacent cells to the right
b) all of these
c) will show nothing
d) will show an error code

____ are a collection of worksheets.
a) workbooks
b) work hours
c) booklets
d) papers

Which keyboard key moves the insertion point to the beginning of data in a cell?
a) Home
b) Insert
c) Tab
d) Enter

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