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An example of a metasearch engine is
a) Hotsheet
b) Dogpile
c) Yahoo
d) Google

These engines contain a directory tree of topics. You browse down through the categories, with each step becoming more specific. Indexes work best when you want a good sample of
a) Directory
b) Best-of-Web
c) Metasearch
d) Keyword

An example of a keyword search engine is
a) Yahoo
b) Hotsheet
c) Google
d) Dogpile

These engines access several other search engines at once. They return a combine listing of results. These engines work well when you are hunting for that extremely obscure bit
a) Directory
b) Keyword
c) Best-of-Web
d) Metasearch

These vast databases contain either the full text of pages or a sampling of keywords from pages. You enter keywords and the engine list the pages that contain those words. Keywo
a) Directory
b) Keyword
c) Best-of-Web
d) Metasearch

An example of a directory search engine is
a) Yahoo
b) Hotsheet
c) Dogpile
d) Google

This saves the URL so that a website can be easily accessed again later.
a) History
b) Print
c) Bookmark
d) Find

CTRL+f enables what feature?
a) Favorites tab
b) Function tool
c) Cache function
d) Find tool

Boolean search term(s)
a) AND
b) All of the Above
c) NOT
d) OR

When searching for graphics or sounds, I should use file extensions. Which of the following is not a valid file extension?
a) .wav
b) .mp3
c) .jpeg
d) .eud

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