SW Asia (Middle East) Review #2 Question Preview (ID: 14191)

SW Asia (Middle East) Review #2.

What is the definition of economic specialization?
a) Directly swapping goods from one country to another without having to use money
b) Trying to avoid investing in industry and technology because of the expense involved
c) Producing all goods and services needed for a country's growth, so they don't have to trade
d) Producing those goods a country can make easily so they can trade them for goods that are not local

What describes the limit that OPEC puts on its members' production of oil?
a) tax
b) tariff
c) quota
d) embargo

What happens to the price of oil when OPEC countries decide to reduce produxtion of oil?
a) Prices rise
b) Prices drop
c) Prices stay the same
d) Oil stops being sold

Why is it important for nations to have a system to convert from one currency to another?
a) Banks are not able to handle different kinds of currencies.
b) Converting to different currencies makes goods cost less.
c) The dollar is the most valuable currency in the world today.
d) Converting to different currencies makes it possible to buy and sell goods between nations

Israel has made heavy investment in capital goods in all of the following EXCEPT
a) defense.
b) oil industry.
c) communications.
d) farming and agriculture.

The economy of Saudi Arabia is based on which of the following?
a) agriculture
b) manufacturing
c) oil and natural gas
d) computer design and technology

When the Ottoman Empire ended and new countries were created, what problems did the new boundaries cause as people found living in newly created countries?
a) All of the new countries were very poor.
b) People in the new countries were no longer allowed to practice their religion.
c) Most of the new countries were all desert and people could not make a living.
d) The new countries often included people who did not have very much in common.

Which describes anti-Semitism?
a) denying women the right to vote
b) refusal to allow immigrants into your country
c) hatred of Jews simply because they practice Judaism
d) refusal to allow the practice of religion of any kind

Why did so many countries in the United Nations feel it was right to create the state of Israel in 1948?
a) There was no one else living on the land at that time.
b) Many felt the Jews deserved help because they have suffered so much in the Holocaust.
c) Arab countries in the area supported the creation of a homeland for the Jews in Palestine.
d) All national groups in the former Ottoman Empire were being given homelands at the same time.

What was the outcome of the 1948 War between the new state of Israel and the Arabs living in and around Palestine?
a) The conflict ended and all Palestinian Arabs became citizens in the new State of Israel.
b) Israel won the war and the new State of Israel was even larger than originally planned.
c) Almost Jewish people were willing to go to Israel because of the country's Arab neighbors.
d) Since it caused a lot of problems, the UN decided to withdraw their proposal to create Israel

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