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The elements to the right of the zigzag line on the periodic table are called
a) Nonmetals
b) Metals
c) Metalloids
d) Conductors

Most metals are
a) solid at room termperature
b) bad conductors of electric current
c) dull
d) not malleable

A chemical symbol represents the __________________ of an element.
a) reaction
b) group
c) name
d) structure

Elements that are gases, are brittle, and are poor conductors at room temperature are
a) metals
b) metalloids
c) isotopes
d) nonmetals

Noble gases are stable because
a) they are noble.
b) they have eight outer electrons.
c) they are gases.
d) they are in group eighteen.

What is the symbol for carbon?
a) C
b) Ca
c) Cb
d) Na

Which element has the atomic number 3?
a) Xenon
b) Boron
c) Carbon
d) Lithium

Alkali metals are __________ reactive than alkaline earth metals.
a) Less
b) More
c) The same
d) Neither are reactive

What is the atomic number of oxygen?
a) 5
b) 24
c) 8
d) 22

What has changed about the periodic table since Mendeleev?
a) Nothing
b) Elements have disappeared
c) The symbols
d) Elements have been added

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