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The movement used to show dollar amounts under $10 is called
a) Money Move
b) Dollar Move
c) Money Twist
d) Dollar Twist

Which ASL sign can mean zip, zilch, or nada?
d) POW

The telephone book for the Deaf Community is called the
a) Blue Book
b) Yellow Pages
c) Black Book
d) White Pages

The part of your body where cents are signed is called
a) Cent Spot
b) Money Spot
c) Coin Spot
d) Dollar Spot

Which of the following does not use the person-marker?

Who was the first Deaf president of Gallaudet University?
a) Abraham Lincoln
b) King James III
c) I. King Jordan
d) King John I

This classifier is often used to show the locations of buildings in relation to other structures.
a) CL: Bent V
b) CL: Claw 5
c) CL: Base B
d) CL: 4

When using spatial visualization, remember all of the following, EXCEPT...
a) The signer is the reference point.
b) Start general, then add specific details.
c) Start with specifics, then add general information.
d) Use eye-gaze.

What is the NMS for FINISH?
a) Po
b) Diff-Diff-Diff
c) Cha
d) Fish

Which of the following sentences should use the ASL sign for HAVE?
a) I have to go.
b) I haven't been there.
c) Have you been there?
d) Is there a basement?

What is the NMS to emphasize something's large size?
a) Po
b) Diff-Diff-Diff
c) Cha
d) Fish

What is the NMS for POST-OFFICE?
a) Po
b) Diff-Diff-Diff
c) Cha
d) Fish

What is the NMS for DIFFERENT (plural)?
a) Po
b) Diff-Diff-Diff
c) Cha
d) Fish

ASL signs that use the first letter of the English word as the handshape are often considered -
a) Loan signs
b) Directional signs
c) Noun-Verb pairs
d) Initialized signs

What is the appropriate NMS for WHAT-KIND?
a) Question-Maker
b) Wh-Face
c) Cha
d) Head-Nod

Which of the following ASL signs does NOT use the Flat-O handshape?
b) BUY
d) PAY

ENTER and ENTRANCE are considered a Noun-Verb Pair because all components are the same EXCEPT
a) Handshape
b) Location
c) Movement
d) Palm-Orientation

Which of the following is signed (not fingerspelled)?

In addition to the U-handshape, what Is another handshape for the ASL sign BUILDING?
a) Modified-L
b) Claw-5
c) Closed-5
d) S

What was the result of the Second International Congress on Education of the Deaf (in Milan in 1880)?
a) It was decided that ASL would be used to teach all Deaf children.
b) It was decided that ASL and speech should be used to teach all Deaf children.
c) It was decided that all Deaf children would be taught using oral methods.
d) That I. King Jordan would be the president of Gallaudet University.

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