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Quiz Over Inherited Traits And Learned Behaviors.

Callie is a ten years old. She has long, brown hair and blue eyes. Her favorite color is red and purple. What is a trait that Callie inherited from her parents?
a) her age
b) her eye color
c) the love of the color purple
d) her name

Which on the following is an inherited trait?
a) a dog obeying commands
b) a bird building a nest
c) a horse running a race
d) a human building a house

Which is an inherited trait of a yellow rose?
a) the color of the rose petals
b) all of the above
c) the shape of the rose\'s petals
d) the presence of thorns on the rose stem

A zebra lives in the Africian savannah. It is three years old and is part of a large herd of other zebras. An inherited trait of the zebra is
a) that it is part of a large herd
b) the length of time it has lived in Africa
c) that it is three years old
d) the pattern of its stripes

Which of the following is an example of a learned behavior?
a) A student plays the computer game very well.
b) A student has good eyesight.
c) A student snores while sleeping.
d) A student has red hair and freckles.

Which type of trait gives a daisy white petals?
a) changed
b) hidden
c) learned
d) inherited

Which of the following is a learned behavior?
a) a skunk spraying its odor when it is scared
b) fight or flight instinct
c) driving a car
d) a giraffe eating leaves off tall trees

Which is a learned trait for a small white dog with pointy ears and brown eyes who loves to play with toys?
a) The dog has small, pointy ears.
b) The dog has white fur.
c) The dog has brown eyes.
d) The dog loves to play with toys.

A learned behavior is
a) an unexplainable action that a species may perform.
b) a natural instinct
c) a new or changed behavior resulting from experience
d) passed on through the parents

What type of trait can only be picked up through experience?
a) a lost trait
b) an inherited trait
c) a hidden trait
d) a learned trait

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