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Nobles were people descended for who?
a) gods
b) ordinary people
c) a King
d) high-born ancestors

What does oligarchy mean?
a) ruled by many
b) ruled by a few
c) ruled by the people
d) ruled by none

How do you get to be part of an oligarchy?
a) own land
b) inherit
c) illegally
d) elected

Who did the tyrants help?
a) the wealthy
b) the citizens
c) the king and Queen
d) the poor

What did citizenship offer in ancient Greece?
a) free food
b) protection
c) loyalty
d) a job

What did Solon declare that could no longer happen to Greek citizens?
a) killed
b) enslaved
c) ostracize
d) become poor

How did Cleisthenes organize the citizens of Athens?
a) 4 tribes based on wealth
b) ten tribes based on residence
c) ten tribes based on wealth
d) 4 tribes based on residence

What was the job of the Council of Five Hundred?
a) suggest laws to the assembly
b) pass laws
c) decide innocence or guilt
d) control the military

What type of government did Athens have?
a) unlimited democracy
b) republican democracy
c) representative democracy
d) direct democracy

What was the responsibility of an Athenian citizen?
a) to work
b) to vote and pay taxes
c) military duty and jury duty
d) to run for political office

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