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a) Greek word for City-State
b) near Athens
c) Greek leader
d) Roman word for City-State

a government ruled by the upper class
a) tyrant
b) aristocracy
c) oligarcy
d) monarchy

a government ruled by a few powerful people
a) monarchy
b) aristocracy
c) oligarchy
d) tyrant

in ancient Greece, ruler who took power illegally
a) monarch
b) polis
c) criminal
d) tyrant

government in which citizens make political decisions, either directly or indirectly
a) democracy
b) republican
c) communism
d) monarchy

to send someone away from the city-state for ten years
a) exile
b) migration
c) ostracize
d) deportation

political unit made up of a city and its surrounding lands
a) citizen
b) empire
c) kingdom
d) city-state

open space where people came for business and public gatherings
a) agora
b) colosseum
c) Athens
d) acropolis

One thing you wouldn\'t find on the acropolis
a) temples
b) farmland
c) statues
d) palaces

Who rules a monarchy
a) noble men
b) president
c) tyrant
d) king and Queen

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