Chemistry Question Preview (ID: 14175)

8th Grade STAAR Review Questions.

Which subatomic particle determines an elements identity?
a) Protons
b) Electrons
c) Neutrons
d) The nucleus

Valence electrons are important because they determine an elements
a) Behavior and chances of a undergoing a chemical reaction.
b) Reactivity
c) Chemical Properties
d) All of the above

Which of the following is NOT evidence that a chemical reaction has taken place?
a) A new substance with different properties has formed.
b) A powder dissolves in a liquid.
c) Bubbling and fizzing occurs when two different chemicals are mixed.
d) A clear liquid changes color and temperature after it is mixed with another clear liquid.

Which of the following is an organic compound?
a) C
b) H2O
c) C6H12O6
d) FeO2

Compounds are
a) composed of 2 or more atoms
b) composed of 2 or more protons
c) composed of 2 or more elements
d) composed of 2 or more metals

Metals are arranged and classified on the periodic table according to
a) similar chemical properties
b) similar behaviors/reactivity
c) similar physical properties
d) similar physical changes

Which of the following is NOT an example of a chemical property.
a) Flammability
b) Oxidation (Rust)
c) Reactivity
d) Conductivity

Which of the following subatomic particles are located inside the nucleus
a) Protons and Electrons
b) Neutrons
c) Electrons
d) Protons and Neutrons

What is the charge of the subatomic particles?
a) Protons + Electrons - Neutrons 0
b) Protons + Electrons - Nucleus 0
c) Protons - Electrons + Neutrons 0
d) Protons + Electrons 0 Neutrons -

Molecules are composed of
a) 2 or more atoms
b) 3 or more reactants
c) 2 or more elements
d) the element carbon

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